Dr. Franken ITA (20714)

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Dr. Franken ITA

Franky, one of the many creations of Dr Von Frankenbone, has awoken to find his love, Bitsy, has vanished. Discovering the other evil creations of the castle has taken Bitsy and left pieces of her around the castle, Franky must find his way through the many levels and put Bitsy back together. Franky can shoot his way past many of the evil creatures, but you must also dodge falling objects and jump over trapdoors to stay alive. Power outlets can re-charge Franky to full health, while lamps must be used to see through the dark dungeons.

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Flap Code DMG-FN-ITA
Booklet Code DMG-FN-ITA
Cartridge Code DMG-FN-ITA
Flap Code 20714
Flap Shape
Flap Color
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Transparent plastic inlay
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Others supports None
Gaming type Jump and Run
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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Dr Franken Series

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In-game Comparison

  • American and japanese versions are identical
  • Seen in the press

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    13/07/1992 : Dr. Franken - FAH

    14/07/1992 : Dr. Franken - ITA

    17/07/1992 : Dr. Franken - NOE

    20/07/1992 : Dr. Franken - FRG

    20/07/1992 : Dr. Franken - UKV

    20/07/1992 : Dr. Franken - ESP

    06/08/1992 : Dr. Franken - AUS

    25/09/1992 : Dr. Franken - SCN

    06/10/1992 : Dr. Franken - FAH

    04/11/1992 : Dr. Franken - UKV

    18/12/1992 : Dr. Franken - JPN

    30/06/1998 : Dr. Franken - NOE-1

    No date appears : Dr. Franken - UKV

    No date appears : Dr. Franken - USA