Alien 3 ITA (30721)

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Alien 3 ITA

Game based on the film of the same name by David Fincher. The player therefore embodies Ellen Ripley and must destroy the aliens who have invaded the space prison where she is located. The camera is in top view and you will have to wander from screen to screen to collect a multitude of objects and weapons in order to solve several puzzles allowing you to progress in the main quest. Dialogue scenes regularly intersperse the action to help the player move forward.

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Flap Code DMG-L3-ITA
Booklet Code DMG-L3-ITA
Cartridge Code DMG-L3-ITA
Flap Code 30721
Flap Shape
Flap Color
Booklet Color
Box languages
Booklet languages
Games language(s)
Transparent plastic inlay
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About the game

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Others supports Amiga, Commodore 64, Game Gear, Master System, NES, Genesis, Super NES
Saving No save available
Gaming type Adventure / RPG
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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Alien Games

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Import Versions

- The ESP version was imported into Italy by GIG Electronics with additional instructions in Italian in black and white in A4 format.
- The NOE version was imported into Belgium/Netherlands with additional instructions in French and Dutch in black and white in A4 format.
- The UKV version was imported into France with additional instructions in French in black and white.
- The FAH version was imported to Australia.

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Cover Comparison

- The GB EURO, USA and JPN front covers are the same.

- All Alien 3 games on all media have the same front cover except the SNES JPN version.

Comparaison Versions

- This game is exclusive to the GB version.

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Additional Information

- As with all games published by LJN, the "Seal of Quality" of the NOE version is in English instead of being translated into German. The distributor did not want to be bored since the boxes of the UKV and NOE versions are exactly the same apart from the tabs.
- As with all games published by LJN, the inscriptions "Mode d'emploi en français", "Met nederlandse handleiding" on the front cover of the FAH version do not appear.
- The ending of the game is different from that of the film since Ellen Ripley ends up escaping.
- Alien 3 also saw the light of day on media other than the Gameboy but the games are not the same. In all cases except on SNES, these are genres much more action/platform focused than research. There are a total of 5 different Alien 3 games: the 1st on Gameboy, the 2nd on Commodore 64, the 3rd on Amiga, Megadrive, Game Gear and Master System, the 4th on NES and the 5th on SNES.
- Japanese ROM do not have Japanese language in game

Other systems

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Seen in the press

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09/07/1993 : Alien 3 - JPN

26/11/1992 : Alien 3 - USA

04/12/1992 : Alien 3 - UKV

11/12/1992 : Alien 3 - NOE

24/12/1992 : Alien 3 - ESP

08/01/1993 : Alien 3 - AUS

18/03/1993 : Alien 3 - FAH

13/07/1993 : Alien 3 - SCN

21/07/1993 : Alien 3 - ITA

21/09/1995 : Alien 3 - NOE-1

27/06/1996 : Alien 3 - NOE-2

06/09/1996 : Alien 3 - FAH-1

19/12/1996 : Alien 3 - FAH-1