Bergsala SA


1Adventure Island SCN (20113)
2Aladdin (Disney's) EUR (41107)
3Aladdin (Disney's) EUR (41011)
4Aladdin (Disney's) EUR (50130)
5Aladdin (Disney's) EUR-1 (50928)
6Alien 3 SCN (30713)
7Alleyway SCN (00724)
8Amazing Spider-Man (the) SCN (10711)
9Astérix SCN (60118)
10Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) SCN (10719)
11Balloon Kid SCN (No code appears)
12Bamse SCN (30820)
13Bamse SCN-1 (970207)
14Bamse SCN-1 (960703)
15Bamse SCN-1 (971209)
16Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly SCN (11218)
17Batman Return of the Joker SCN (20830)
18Batman the Video Game SCN (10808)
19Battletoads SCN (21009)
20Blades of Steel SCN (11018)
21Blues Brothers (the) SCN (30129)
22Bomb Jack SCN (21203)
23Boulder Dash SCN (11212)
24Boxxle SCN (11004)
25Bubble Bobble SCN (11002)
26Bubble Ghost SCN (20430)
27Bugs Bunny the Crazy Castle SCN (10524)
28Burai Fighter Deluxe SCN (10823)
29Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge SCN (20731)
30Castlevania the Adventure SCN (10719)
31Chase H.Q. SCN (10528)
32Chase H.Q. SCN-1 (980331)
33Chessmaster (the) SCN (10209)
34Choplifter II SCN (20228)
35Cool Spot SCN (40609)
36Darkwing Duck (Disney's) SCN (30720)
37Donkey Kong SCN (40705)
38Donkey Kong Land SCN (50829)
39Donkey Kong Land SCN-1 (960820)
40Donkey Kong Land SCN-1 (960930)
41Donkey Kong Land SCN-1 (970124)
42Donkey Kong Land SCN-1 (970124)
43Donkey Kong Land 2 NEU6-4 (No code appears)
44Donkey Kong Land 2 (Scandinavia) UKV (No code appears)
45Donkey Kong Land III NEU6 (No code appears)
46Donkey Kong Land III (Scandinavia) NUKV (No code appears)
47Double Dragon SCN (01128)
48Double Dragon II SCN (11203)
49Dr. Mario SCN (50418)
50Dr. Mario SCN (10212)
51Dr. Mario SCN-1
52Dragon's Lair the Legend (Sullivan Bluth Presents) SCN (20107)
53Duck Tales (Disney's) SCN (21009)
54Duck Tales (Disney's) SCN (10717)
55Duck Tales (Disney's) SCN (20304)
56Duck Tales 2 (Disney's) SCN (40113)
57Duck Tales 2 (Disney's) SCN-1 (960903)
58Dynablaster SCN (10620)
59F-1 Race NEU6 (No code appears)
60F-1 Race NEU6-2 (No code appears)
61F-1 Race SCN (No code appears)
62F-1 Race UKV-1 (No code appears)
63Flintstones King Rock Treasure Island (the) SCN (30518)
64Fortified Zone SCN (11213)
65Fortress of Fear (Wizards & Warriors X) SCN (01009)
66Gargoyle's Quest SCN (10107)
67Ghostbusters II SCN (10919)
68Godzilla SCN (20429)
69Golf SCN (00917)
70Golf SCN-1 (60301)
71Gremlins 2 the New Batch SCN (11227)
72Home Alone SCN (20610)
73Hook SCN (20720)
74Hunt for Red October (the) SCN (20215)
75Hyper Lode Runner SCN (10605)
76Jetsons Robot Panic (the) SCN (30125)
77Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja SCN (30729)
78Jungle Book (Disney’s the) SCN (40531)
79Jurassic Park SCN (31007)
80Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters SCN (20131)
81Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters SCN-1 (970829)
82King of the Zoo SCN (10711)
83Kirby's Block Ball SCN (960520)
84Kirby's Dream Land SCN (51012)
85Kirby's Dream Land SCN-1 (961023)
86Kirby's Dream Land SCN-1 (60119)
87Kirby's Dream Land 2 NEU6 (No code appears)
88Kirby's Pinball Land SCN (40517)
89Kung-Fu Master SCN (10819)
90Kwirk SCN (01009)
91Kwirk SCN (01009)
92Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening (the) SCN (30818)
93Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening (the) SCN-1 (960827)
94Lion King (Disney's the) SCN (50126)
95Little Mermaid (Disney’s the) SCN (40323)
96Looney Tunes SCN (30303)
97Marble Madness SCN (20116)
98Mario & Yoshi SCN (20909)
99Mc Donaldland SCN (30608)
100Mega Man Dr. Wily's Revenge SCN (20128)
101Mega Man Dr. Wily's Revenge UKV-1 (No code appears)
102Mega Man II NEU6-1 (No code appears)
103Mega Man II SCN (21103)
104Mega Man III SCN (30908)
105Metroid II Return of Samus SCN (20131)
106Mickey Mouse SCN (No code appears)
107Mickey's Dangerous Chase SCN (20827)
108Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament SCN (60404)
109Motocross Maniacs SCN (10529)
110Mystic Quest SCN (30406)
111Nemesis SCN (10909)
112Nintendo World Cup SCN (10503)
113Pac-Man SCN (11205)
114Pagemaster (the) EUR (41107)
115Paperboy SCN (10606)
116Pokemon : Blue Version NHAU (No code appears)
117Pokemon : Blue Version NHAU-1 (No code appears)
118Popeye 2 SCN (30129)
119Power Racer SCN (10717)
120Prince of Persia SCN (20810)
121Probotector SCN (20130)
122Q*Bert SCN (No code appears)
123Qix SCN (00726)
124R-Type SCN (10809)
125Radar Mission SCN (10712)
126Rescue of Princess Blobette (David Crane's the) SCN (11002)
127Revenge of the Gator SCN (01120)
128Robin Hood Prince of Thieves SCN (30303)
129RoboCop SCN (11219)
130Shadow Warriors SCN (20225)
131Side Pocket SCN (10712)
132Sneaky Snakes SCN (21004)
133Snoopy's Magic Show SCN (11025)
134Soccer UKV-3 (No code appears)
135Solar Striker SCN (00721)
136Solomon's Club SCN (11025)
137Solomon's Club SCN-1 (980317)
138Speedy Gonzales SCN (31201)
139Star Wars NEU6 (No code appears)
140Star Wars SCN (30317)
141Star Wars UKV-1 (No code appears)
142Street Fighter II UKV (No code appears)
143Super Mario Land NUKV (No code appears)
144Super Mario Land SCN (00711)
145Super Mario Land SCN (00725)
146Super Mario Land SCN-1 (60119)
147Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins NEU6-4 (No code appears)
148Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins NUKV (No code appears)
149Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins SCN (21116)
150Super R.C. Pro-Am SCN (11210)
151Sword of Hope (the) SCN (21125)
152T2 Terminator 2 Judgment Day SCN (20228)
153TaleSpin (Disney's) SCN (30716)
154Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Fall of the Foot Clan SCN (10524)
155Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles II Back from the Sewers SCN (20130)
156Tennis NEU6 (No code appears)
157Tennis SCN (00723)
158Tetris SCN (40225)
159Tetris UKV-2
160Tetris 2 SCN (40711)
161Tetris Attack NUKV
162Tiny Toon Adventures 2 Montana's Movie Madness SCN (31222)
163Tiny Toon Adventures Babs' Big Break SCN (No code appears)
164Tom & Jerry SCN (30110)
165Tom & Jerry Frantic Antics SCN (31216)
166Top Ranking Tennis SCN (40517)
167Track & Field SCN (21020)
168Track Meet SCN (21014)
169Turrican SCN (20806)
170V-Rally Championship Edition SCN (980619)
171Wario Land II NUKV (No code appears)
172Wario Land II (Scandinavia) NUKV (No code appears)
173Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 NUKV (No code appears)
174Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 SCN (40309)
175Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 SCN (51012)
176Wave Race NUKV (No code appears)
177Who Framed Roger Rabbit SCN (No code appears)
178WWF Superstars SCN (10910)
179Yogi Bear's Gold Rush SCN (41004)