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Lemmings USA

Lemmings is a puzzle video game developed by the Scottish studio DMA Design and published by Psygnosis in 1991. The player must guide dozens of lemmings, tiny brainless creatures, through convoluted levels riddled with deadly dangers. The game is based on the popular myth that lemmings, small, very real rodents from Arctic regions, commit collective suicide by throwing themselves off cliffs. Video game phenomenon of the year 1991, Lemmings is acclaimed for its unique concept, both simple and ingenious, which transcends the genre by mixing the god game framework with the puzzle formula. Originally developed on Amiga and PC (a first animation was created on Amiga in order to create characters for the game Walker, from the same studio, then one of the DMA developers produced a first technical demo on PC2), then the title was then adapted on around thirty supports such as the Macintosh, Game Boy, Mega Drive, Nintendo, Super Nintendo and PlayStation. Around ten new episodes were released until 2006. The series is said to have sold more than 20 million copies.

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About the game

Developed by
Release date Europe : 1993 , Jan.
USA : 1994 , Aug.
Japan : 1993 , Oct.
Others supports Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, C64, Macintosh, PC, Thomson TO8, ZX Spectrum, 3DO, Amiga CD32, CD-i, CDTV, Master System, Mega Drive, NES, PC Engine (Super CD), PS1, PS2, PS3, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color, Game Gear, Lynx, PSP
Gaming type Action and Thinking
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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Production Dates

23/09/1993 : Lemmings - JPN

21/12/1992 : Lemmings - NOE

11/01/1993 : Lemmings - UKV

08/02/1993 : Lemmings - ITA

14/05/1993 : Lemmings - UKV

16/07/1993 : Lemmings - UKV

18/08/1993 : Lemmings - FAH

12/04/1994 : Lemmings - NOE-1

07/03/1996 : Lemmings - NOE-2

16/04/1996 : Lemmings - FAH-1

No date appears : Lemmings - BRA