WWF Superstars 2 UKV (21023)

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WWF Superstars 2 UKV

WWF Superstars 2 offers a more restricted list of moves than its predecessor. Each wrestler has the same movements, without finishing holds. These movements are limited to kicks, punches, headbutts, flexibility, bodyslam, among others. The player can press the Select button to gain strength. Modes include One-on-One (variations of standard and cage matches), Tag Team, and Tournament, in which the player chooses their character to defeat the other five and thus obtain the WWF Championship title.

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22/09/1992 : WWF Superstars 2 - NOE

04/10/1992 : WWF Superstars 2 - ESP

23/10/1992 : WWF Superstars 2 - UKV

05/01/1993 : WWF Superstars 2 - USA

02/04/1993 : WWF Superstars 2 - JPN

No date appears : WWF Superstars 2 - NOE

No date appears : WWF Superstars 2 - FAH