WWF Superstars SCN (10910)

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WWF Superstars SCN

The player fights in a series of four singles matches. Between each fight, the player sees each wrestler make their declaration, and sees Vince McMahon declare the winner at the end of each fight. Hulk Hogan or The Ultimate Warrior are the last wrestlers to fight. The computer's difficulty will increase with the third opponent the player faces. The mechanism is simple: button A is used for attacks and button B is used for holds. A move consisting of lifting the opponent and throwing them outside the arena over the top rope is done with the Select button; a star is based near the energy indicator of the player's chosen character indicating the possibility of performing this move.

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About this version

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Flap Code DMG-LW-SCN
Booklet Code DMG-LW-SCN
Cartridge Code DMG-LW-SCN
Flap Code 10910
Flap Shape
Flap Color
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Inner inlay
Transparent plastic inlay
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Gaming type Fighting
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In-game Comparison

  • American and european roms are identical.
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    tests/979/Club Nintendo Volume 1 - 1993 Edition 7 010.jpg
    tests/979/Club Nintendo Volume 1 - 1993 Edition 7 011.jpg
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    tests/979/Joypad 010 - Page 132 (1992-07).jpg
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    Production Dates

    15/03/1991 : WWF Superstars - USA

    24/06/1991 : WWF Superstars - USA

    06/07/1991 : WWF Superstars - NOE

    10/09/1991 : WWF Superstars - ITA

    10/09/1991 : WWF Superstars - NOE

    10/09/1991 : WWF Superstars - USA

    10/09/1991 : WWF Superstars - SCN

    29/10/1991 : WWF Superstars - FRG

    08/12/1991 : WWF Superstars - NOE-1

    13/02/1992 : WWF Superstars - FAH

    06/03/1992 : WWF Superstars - ESP

    19/06/1992 : WWF Superstars - NOE-1

    24/09/1992 : WWF Superstars - UKV

    27/10/1998 : WWF Superstars - USA-1

    No date appears : WWF Superstars - FAH

    14/02/1992 : WWF Superstars - JPN